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Beating the Breast Cancer with LYCOPART!

“According to the latest studies, Breast Cancer is one of the mostly found diseases among the women. Although the countries where the population is facing the nutrition problem, are affected by this disease most, yet the women face it across the globe, including US, UK, Canada and other highly developed countries. Normally women of age […]

Fighting Cancer with the Herbs: Green Tea

“EGCG is a highly effective Anti-Oxidant that kills the Cancer Cells. Besides EGCG, Green Tea also contains “TANNINS” & other Botanical Anti-Oxidants.Green Tea & Mesothelioma Cancer: Studies conducted by Plant & Food Scientists show that All these & individually & collectively kill the Cancer Cells including “MESOTHELIOMA CANCER”. Mesothelioma is a deadly & a rare […]

Impact of GST on Pharma Industry!

“Despite all these, The Effect of GST on Medicines in India will be positive in long run, and the Indian Pharma Industry will come up to the Govt expectations as viewed in Vision-2020” Thus, for the time being, Pharma Distributors may lose their hard earned money due to GST. The Govt should find some good […]