Beating the Breast Cancer with LYCOPART!

“According to the latest studies, Breast Cancer is one of the mostly found diseases among the women. Although the countries where the population is facing the nutrition problem, are affected by this disease most, yet the women face it across the globe, including US, UK, Canada and other highly developed countries. Normally women of age above 50 years have more chances to be affected by the Breast Cancer.”

Breast Cancer-Its Causes:

The scientist could not find the exact cause as to how this disease occurs, but they have attributed certain factors that help the grow cancer. These include smoking, drinking, tobacco chewing, etc. But as far as Breast Cancer is concerned, scientists are agreed that the women who ignore breast feeding or face lactation related health problems, are more prone to the Breast Cancer.

What ever be the part of the body affected by this disease, the common thing is, uncontrollable growth of the cells, in the size & number. These cells are also popularly called the cancer cells.

Common Herbs & Spices That Restrict The Growth of Cancer Cells:

There are a good number of common herbs & spices who have the medicinal properties in abundance & have been found to be extremely useful in controlling the growth of the cancer cells. These could be very easily added to the kitchen shelves and made a part of cooking. Some of these are the following.

1. Green Tea:
Tea is one of the most consumed beverage across the world. It’s Black Tea, Blended Tea & Green Tea are the common types. But the scientist working in the field of Research on Food & Plants has established that the Green Tea is highly effective in fighting all types of cancer in general, and Breast Cancer in particular. Green Tea leaves contain about 75% Epigallo Catechin Gallate (EGCG). This “Polyphenol” is a natural antioxidant that destroys the cancer cells.

2.Wheat Grass:
Wheat Grass has been used as an antibiotic substance since 1930s. It has been recognised as an anti-oxidant and containing a number of vitamins & minerals that are antibacterial, as well as extremely important for keeping a good health. In the recent decade, scientists have found that wheat grass is effective in the treatment of cancer as it works on the lines of “Chemotherapy”. Wheat Grass is available in the shape of Powder and Juice.

3. Grape Seeds:
Scientists working on plants & food have found that Grapes are rich in Proanthocyanidins, a type of Phytochemicals, that are highly anti-oxidants and can stop the growth of the cancer cells. These also increase the immunity within the human body that increases its resistance & empowers it to fight against the germs and bacteria.

4. Ginseng:
Ginseng Root has been used as a medicine for curing Fevers, Cough, Diabetis & Pains. But now the latest studies conducted by the researchers reveal that substance “Ginsenosides” available in the Ginseng is highly effective in controlling the growth of the cancer cells.

Besides these, there are also other spices and vegetables that are helpful in fighting the cancer, including Breast Cancer. These are Flax Seeds, Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic, Broccoli etc.

Herbal Medicines:
Many pharmaceutical companies, Allopathy & Herbal medicine manufacturers both, have made available to the public, medicines containing herbal powders and extract that have been believed to be helpful in fighting the cancer.

Biomorph-Lifesciences also provides LYCOPART- multivitamin capsules that contain Grape Seed, Green Tea & Ginseng extracts. Lycopart is a multivitamin & multi mineral medicine that is highly effective in fighting the cancer cells. It’s available in Capsules, Drops & Syrup. Besides Cancer, Lycopart is also useful in the treatment of Diabetic Complications, Catract, Infertility, Atheroscierosis, Macular Degeneration, Premature Ageing, Alcohol & Smoking effects, Skin Infections, Post Myocardial Infections, Intra Uterine Growth Retardation and many more…